Decorating with Wallpaper

For accentuating a wall I would first think about a wall covering made of either wood or fabric. The physical presence of the material can work beautifully together with the surrounding. However, sometimes one is looking for a bold statement that is not too expensive, and that communicates a strong and immediate message. Wallpaper is the perfect tool for people who are committed to express their personal style/lifestyle by using a graphic pattern. Decorating with wallpaper requires caution in terms of the quantity in order not to be too dominant. As a backdrop it can highlight any object standing or hanging at that wall.


Between Art and Design

Within each techniqual era of paper printing, artists have discovered the expressive potential that lies within this media. It also enabled artists to reproduce the image as often as they wished. Art work from the Middle Ages to the Pop Art era left a legacy that has significantly inflluenced the way we look at art and design. There has always been a mutual influence between the design of wallpaper and art. Architects and designers, and also most recently fashion designers, such as Maison Martin Margiela have discovered the medium wallpaper for creative expression. It now seems possible that, half a Century later, we are ready to put an end to our traumatic exposure to wallpaper covered suburban homes from the 70s and have a fresh start.