Customised Furniture

Patricia Tschen Interior Design Vienna - Customized Furniture

Avoid stereotypical design choices

Whether you choose custom-made furniture or a serial product from a famous brand, this becomes an important decision in areas that require technical planning, such as kitchens and bathrooms. The furnishing shouldn’t only stand up to the demands of everyday life but also should keep the promise of delivering a certain image. With new material combinations, „smart“ electronic features, and innovative engineering, brands compete for attention. The question is, how to decide between the many options available without taking stereotypical design choices?


Drawings and sampleboards

Ideas can be well discussed using images, drawings and materials. Interior Design is a process which requires an open dialogue in order to articulate change requests and to incorporate these accordingly. If possible, I consult at site where the furniture will be placed in the future, to discuss proportions and materials. Lighting conditions, room proportions and room continuity can be best discussed at site. The fact that the real furniture can not be viewed becomes a much less sensitive matter.


Fitted furniture and standalone furniture

The custom-made furniture can handle complex tasks. It will fit in every style and can meet special challenges. The more complex the tasks are, the more intensive the furniture needs to be unified with the interior architecture. Is there need for a new wall or does the electrician need to prepare wiring in the walls, etc.. My job is to monitor design details and the design of the immediate surrounding of the furniture. Precise planning and manufacturing result in a premium interior furnishing.


Luck and Luxury

An individually crafted piece of furniture means luxury in a free-spirited manner. The custom-made furniture distinguishes/marks a bit of personal luck and happiness, which reveals itself off the given tracks and trends. The custom-made furniture can fully compete with the luxury brand furniture. This is because material quality and manufacturing standards are criterias in the crafts business as well as in the industry. Comparing the prices, the luxury brand, especially for the kitchen, will be higher than the equivalent model from a carpenter.


Using regional resources

Austria has a strong tradition in craftsmanship. I can recommend local prducts to my clients with the best conscience. This could mean branded products as well as manufactured products. If a custom-made bench needs to be covered with leather, I would prefer the choice of locally produced leather. It makes sense in price and it keeps the economy vital. For my design I can choose from a palette of 30 colour shades and be ensured that production was in compliance with sustainable standards.


Inspiration and Ideas

I will gladly incorporate your ideas, even those that might have been inspired by a magazine. I’ll try to extract the detail and integrate it into a new context. This practice has nothing to do with imitation, as I will use the detail as part of a new draft or as a basis for something completely new.