Project “Nar” Penzing

The word “Kebab” immediately makes one think of fast food. The “NAR” Deli at a Viennese Underground stop shows that a quick meal can also be homemade and freshly prepared. In this little eatery the bread is baked every morning and the rotisserie meat is made in-house. The owner wanted the interior atmosphere to reflect this. The interior design concept was to allow a straight-forward stopover in a comfortable atmosphere within the urban infrastructure. The triangular space opens towards the commuter passageway. Because of the visual dynamic between inside and outside, due to the glass façade, we decided to position the guest area in the back. From the outside, the view is directed into the busy kitchen and the light wood and hues of pomegranate act as an invitation to the guest area.

The Restaurant

“NAR” means pomegranate in Turkish, a fruit of cultural symbolic importance which was reason enough to apply its color to the eatery. Rust-red pendant lamps create a relaxed atmosphere while the light wood flooring, serving counter, and seating furniture represent the natural quality of the food. The simple style of the furniture and the dark ceiling give the small restaurant a contemporary feeling. In the center of the deli is the counter which is emphasized by its black and white geometric floor pattern. Dark-green seat padding and dried flower arrangements, made by the owner’s sister, further accent the countryside and family-oriented origin of the food and its ingredients.


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