Project Belvedere

A turn-of-the-century apartment near the Belvedere Garden was turned into a home with a separate unit for the children. The clients’ brief included several distinctive key points: firstly, they envisioned room concepts with individual styles and different room atmospheres rather than a uniform concept for the entire property. Secondly, the property should radiate that “chic hotel” flair upon completion. Thirdly, customisation and quality in every detail were very important. In terms of the layout plan, the property was supposed to incorporate enough space for welcoming guests, but also areas for retreat and relaxation. On the basis of this briefing, the apartment was renovated from scratch. We developed an interior design of contemporary elegance combined with elements from the Viennese Tradition – to the highest quality standard.

The Entrance Area

The entrance area has a prestigious role, and consequently, separate niches have been conceived to store shoes and coats out of sight. Unpretentious elegance and playful wit are manifested through asymmetry, unusual materials and colour combinations. A Spanish porcelain chandelier and concrete floor tiles in baby blue and fir-tree green are mixed with traditional components in brass, leather, tweed and nutwood.

The Kitchen

For the kitchen, the client was envisioning an urban look in a bold colour, with an island and extensive storage. The joyous lemon-yellow palette is structured by black tones. The yellow elements of the kitchen have been placed strategically and are invisible from the adjoining room, so as to ensure that the very different room atmospheres do not disturb one another. The functions of the kitchen are perfectly aligned to the needs of the owner, and all appliances are of the highest quality. The dining area has been designed in plain white, echoing the white marble of the island.

The Salon

The salon is the perfect backdrop for formal receptions. The audio system hidden in the bar and controllable light atmospheres prove that an interior in Art Nouveau style can incorporate state of the art technology. A glamorous silk curtain opens a view to the botanical gardens and harmonizes with the colour palette in pink, black and white. The background is kept in minimalistic black, to stage the symmetrically arranged seating group by Viennese Architect Josef Hoffmann.

The Living Room

The living room is the place for retreat. In brown shades and blue accent colours, the room’s style is shaped by the combination of classic solid wood furniture from France with modern mid-century lamps and the dynamic pattern of the curtain. The Dolby Surround sound system provides an entertaining TV experience, and the parents appreciate the quiet home office corner with an ergonomic leather swivel chair.

The Master Bedroom

For the master bedroom, we agreed on mauve as the main colour, which is complemented by elegant ivory and graphite tones. The delicate palm leaf motif creates a sense of natural space behind the handcrafted French bed. Round forms and a material mix of dark bronze, velvet and pale linen create an atmosphere of subtle luxury and tranquillity.

The Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is illuminated by matte white light, creating a calm atmosphere with clear lines. The surrounding natural materials, such as slate and larch wood, help to direct the focus inwards. Keeping order is made easy by ample storage and an illuminated shelf for soaps in the shower. The bathroom also houses numerous small conveniences, such as hidden electrical sockets and custom shelves.

The Guest Room

The guest room is a compact living space with clever storage cabinets and a guest bathroom next door, and proves that out of the ordinary doesn’t have to be loud. Designed in the Scandinavian tradition, this room combines simplicity and cosiness. The visible wood texture of the pastel blue furniture and the floral fabrics evoke the timelessness of a Nordic summer.

The Kid’s Bedroom

The theme for the twin kid’s bedroom was clear from the beginning: lots of pink and lilac for the princesses! The heart-patterned wallpaper is repeated on the built-in closet. These panels are replaceable, in case they should wish for a change one day. There’s a cushioned, illuminated play corner between the dreamy canopy beds. A dimmable chandelier in the shape of a hot air balloon helps to transport them to dreamland.

The Playroom

For the playroom, we designed a room-high storage cabinet with elements of fabric and blocked colours. The happy fabrics from Britain and the colour palette in pink and green enable carefree days, even if it’s grey outside. The TV is hidden behind a handy sliding door and the toys are stored in drawers, easily accessible for the kids.