Project Extension of Farmhouse

The clients had the wish for a contemporary, engaging interior design for their house on the outskirts of Vienna. The interior design links the rustic style of the existing farmhouse with the modern style architecture of the extension in a vibrant and natural way. For the diversified everyday life of the family, we generated unexpected and functional solutions. Natural materials and color shades define the concept and we decided for a moderate use of mustard yellow as an accent color. In order to reflect the family’s wish to create an individual, modern and cosy atmosphere, a clear design language runs through the entire concept. Carefully considered zoning of the open space allows for spontaneity, making it the perfect space for family celebrations after the redesign.

The Living Room

For the minimalistic media furniture we combined grey, sunburnt wood with black solid-colored MDF wood panels. This unusual combination emphasizes the masculinity of the modern architecture. The soft fabrics and organic forms of the chairs and the coffee table create coziness at the fireplace. On the wall, a color-matching large format acoustic panel, made of wool felt, serves the purpose of a sound absorber.  This is particularly helpful for large family gatherings, or for transforming the living room into a home cinema/theater.

The Reception

In the entry room a hunting trophy, majestic deer antlers, while decorative, are also a sentimental reminder of the grandfather. An antique wood shelf and two woven bicycle baskets contain and isolate the everyday chaos. The Swedish printed wall paper with oak leaves and birds symbolizes that, in this habitat, each individual family is linking contemporary and traditional values.