The Interior Design Project

Hallway design Vienna-stairs with concrete tiles and wood-staircase design with concrete tiles Vienna

Interior Design Concept

In the first meeting I will learn about the space and your personal situation. I gain information on your requirements, wishes and your habits relating to dwelling. Based on this knowledge I will develop a tailored interior design concept.

Structuring the floor plan

I’ll start with structuring the floor plan. In the course of this it’s essential to define zones for retreat and repose, as well as to plan community space. A completed architecture plan is not always given. In this case it becomes my job to point out possible improvements of the space to establish the ideal frame for the interior furnishing. To visualize my ideas I will generate coloured drawings, moodboards and sampleboards.


Estimate of Costs

Depending on the budget, I will work out an estimate of costs to clarify the financial investment. Figures based on experience and reference values can help to rule out financial risks beforehand. I’ll try to identify all costs prior to realization and will inform you instantly about additional costs and recommend to include a cushion for these costs depending on the financial situation.



Having agreed upon the best interior design concept, I will start with detailed planning. In doing so I will map out technical details with specialists, have measurements checked at site and define measurements for orders and custom-made products. This is also the appropriate time to think through all the design and functional details.

Lighting Design

Appropriate illumination is an essential parameter for the sense of well-being. For this I need to systematically align the existing conditions with the room function. The effort for later corrections can only be avoided by incorporating the interior design concept at an early stage of the construction phase. In addition to determining the correct illumination conditions, I also determine which light fixture corresponds best, in the particular context, in terms of function and style.

Colour -and Material Concept

Colours have an immediate impact on the space and our mood. Good interior design planning makes use of these principles. If you would like to apply more colour, it is helpful to find the right colour combination together. On the other hand a more neutral colour palette can create an interesting room atmosphere through using different materials and dramatic lighting.

Selection of furniture, light fixtures, fabrics

The many possibilities of furnishing a home might seem overwhelming. My strength is to understand your ideas and incorporate them into a interior design plan. When choosing the products it’s not about the item itself, it’s the overall picture that matters. Besides aspects of ergonomy and quality I search for objects that provide the right accent. As opposed to showroom dealers, I don’t represent certain brands. I operate with crafted products as well as with many international suppliers.

Interior Design Project - Project Realisation

Project Realisation

I coordinate the contractors and suppliers during the phase of construction. I make sure that the project runs smoothly and that you can spend your time on other things. A network of engineers and suppliers supports me in technical questions and execution.

Tender invitation and Assignment

I invite offers from contractors and suppliers for you. After checking (quantity, specs, technical drawings, prices, ect.) and negotiating the prices, I will forward you the best offer and you will place the order.

Coordination of workers, suppliers and engineer

Smooth progress of the project is only possible if there’s good communication between the executing workers. This phase can become an adventure without professional help, as project management requires a certain amount of time. Now it’s vital to plan which job has to be finished on which day and which task will follow next. I initiate site consultation meetings, and monitor all participants until the very last second.

Site supervision

During realisation of the interior design project there will be many decisions necessary and made that will affect the result. To execute the interior design concept in detail there will be many construction site visits required, especially towards finalization.

Quality control before handover

After finalization I will check the delivered quality and workmanship. Only upon my approval, will the last payment of the contractor or supplier be due. These are ongoing inspections as each individual operation is important. After completion you will carry out the final inspection. This is the moment where my work turns into achievement if I can leave you happily with your new home.