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Many clients carry a vision of their ideal interior space within them. With my expertise and passion for interior design, I shape this idea until it translates spatially. While a sure sense of style and creativity are necessary for concept development, execution requires an eye for detail. With these skillsets, I can guide you reliably through all the steps of the design process.

Interior Design Project

Depending on spacial situation and context, I offer complete solutions or my service for particular phases. No matter if in the context of new construction, remodeling or partial redesigning, once assigned, I look at my work from a holistic view, yet with a sharp eye for details and cost efficiency. The Interior Design Project is achieved in the following sequences: Interior Design Concept, Estimate of Costs, Planning, Project Realisation

Customised Furniture

I frequently visit international furniture fairs. Keeping up to date with interior design trends allows me to introduce the best products to you. However, sometimes ready-made furniture isn’t a perfect match. Built-in furniture or unique pieces can add the finishing touches to a room. I want to achieve the right presentation communicated by simple ideas. When designing customised furniture, I will carefully select materials and consider perfectly customised function and aesthetic criteria to create that perfect fit for your space.


Project “Nar” Penzing

“NAR” means pomegranate in Turkish, a fruit of cultural symbolic importance which was reason enough to apply its color to the eatery. Rust-red pendant lamps create a relaxed atmosphere while the light wood flooring, serving counter, and seating furniture represent the natural quality of the food. The simple style of the furniture and the dark ceiling give the small restaurant a contemporary feeling. In the center of the deli is the counter which is emphasized by its black and white geometric floor pattern. Dark-green seat padding and dried flower arrangements, made by the owner’s sister, further accent the countryside and family-oriented origin of the food and its ingredients.
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Project Porzellangasse

Set in a former porcelain factory the remodeled kitchen facilitates multiple cooks. A sturdy, centered kitchen island rests elegantly on tapered furniture legs and combines work area, storage space and countertop. The white marble is an original family heirloom that was incorporated into the design plans, adding to the historical and personal touches that were important for these clients. The design objective of this transitional kitchen was to highlight the eclectic collection of antique furniture pieces in the adjoining rooms. Selected objects of different historical periods, Globe Wernicke Book cases and contemporary artwork coexist next to a kitchen that celebrates the tradition of culinary skills through its grand nature.
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Project Extension of Farmhouse

The clients had the wish for a contemporary, inviting interior design for their house on the outskirts of Vienna. The interior design links the rustic style of the existing farmhouse with the modern style architecture of the extension in a vibrant and natural way. For the diversified everyday life of the family, we generated unexpected and functional solutions. Natural materials and color shades define the concept and we decided for a moderate use of mustard yellow as an accent color. In order to reflect the family's wish to create an individual, modern and cosy atmosphere, a clear design language runs through the entire concept. Carefully considered zoning of the open space allows for spontaneity, making it the perfect space for family celebrations after the redesign.
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Project Belvedere

A turn-of-the-century apartment near the Belvedere Garden was turned into a home with a separate unit for the children. The clients’ brief included several distinctive key points: firstly, they envisioned room concepts with individual styles and different room atmospheres rather than a uniform concept for the entire property. Secondly, the property should radiate that “chic hotel” flair upon completion. Thirdly, customisation and quality in every detail were very important. In terms of the layout plan, the property was supposed to incorporate enough space for welcoming guests, but also areas for retreat and relaxation. On the basis of this briefing, the apartment was renovated from scratch. We developed an interior design of contemporary elegance combined with elements from the Viennese Tradition – to the highest quality standard.
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My goal is to create timeless and beautiful interiors in close collaboration with my clients. Integrity, professionalism and honesty are crucial for me. In every project, my art background keeps me thinking outside the box, while my penchant for organisation ensures that the project runs smoothly in all aspects.


After graduating in Fine Arts from the Academy in Vienna, I discovered my interest for interior design while working for a Viennese family-run interior design company. During this time, I built up a network of reputable and reliable professionals and suppliers. I developed my sense for interior trends as a furniture buyer for a retail chain, and gathered experience in project execution for an Austrian furniture group.


Growing up with both European and Chinese culture made me conscious of how the character of an interior reflects one’s world and personality. This also provided me with a well-rounded visual vocabulary for interior and architectural spaces. These experiences and memories help me to navigate and select the many possibilities for my clients, and to create a design with the identity they desire or discover through our collaboration.


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